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Projeto Terra is a social organization which aims at the generation of market access opportunities for Brazilian craft products originated in projects of income generation and social inclusion and / or for products with environmental content.


Generate opportunities for Brazilian craft products with environmental and / or social content to reach the retail, wholesale, corporate and external markets, through actions that promote its development, valorization, exhibition, distribution, marketing and sales.


Consolidate Projeto TERRA as a reference in the concepts and practices of Fair Trade

getting the recognition by partners, customers and society by its support for initiatives in environmental preservation

social responsibility actions and examples of respect and solidarity, from all parts of Brazil.ll


Ethics in the actions of the organization Transparency and balance in relationships Appreciation and respect for people and the environment Incentive Consumer Awareness and Outreach Social and Environmental Responsibility

About Us


"The world is a dangerous place to live... Not because of those who do evil, but because of those who stand by and let evil happen ".

Albert Einstein


Projeto Terra was born from this observation, a result of increasing indignation, a feeling that has triggered social projects throughout Brazil and the world.


When its activities began in May 2002, Projeto Terra adopted the Fair Trade concept, selling Brazilian products produced by social program,or produced on a recognized ecological basis. Trade Solidarity is based on business conducted in a balanced,fair, transparent manner with respect for others, seeking partnerships between producers, resellers and consumers who, working together, make it possible to improve life in these communities, by placing their products on the market and promoting continued and sustainable development.


Projeto Terra was created as a “window” for these products, which are primarily produced by NGOs, Philanthropic Associations, Underprivileged Communities or people and companies that use ecologically sound raw materials.


The move to adopt Solidary Trade was based on the view that this is a mean of improving the society that we live in. By creating income in communities excluded from the formal labor market – many of which are located on the outskirts of major cities – we take an active part in this process. We believe in selling products with stories to tell, products that represent a set of values, allowing us to transform the act of buying into an act of effective change, for the better, for the living conditions in our cities and our country.


We believe that, as consumers, we have the power to change people’s lives by a simple buying decision. There are many activities that do not depend on our availability or the demands of becoming involved in volunteerism. Asking for an invoice is one of them. Avoiding purchases from companies that do not respect the consumer and the environment is another.


In a simple way, we could say that by buying one ofalmost 5,000 different items from one of the mores than 320 suppliers currently involvedin Projeto Terra, the consumer also takes part of this mechanism, often without realizing it, becoming part of a network that complements government action, seeking solution to improve people’s lives, improve communities and to improve Brazil. We like to believe that this idea has unlimited reach.

About Us


Ozires Silva Entrepreneurship Award (2011)


Projeto TERRA was one of the winners of Ozires Silva Entrepreneurship award, sponsored by the Institute of Business and Economics and the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (ISAE/FGV), aiming to recognize initiatives that care about the environment and social responsibility issues in key sectors of the national economy, helping to make it more competitive in an environment of sustainable development.


It is an award that recognizes the work we have developed in pursuit of a more just, balanced and caring society.